What do you unconsciously give permission to others for?

What do you unconsciously give permission to others for?

 “When you let your light shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same….When we are liberated from our own fears -our presence automatically liberates others” — Marianne Williamson

My friend Victor Blanco’s favorite word is abundance.  He says that trust is the fuel of abundance.  He taught a course on personal mastery a few years ago – that I had the privilege of helping him with. During that course he spoke a lot about ABUNDANCE.  He said that the mistake most people make is chasing abundance. He said abundance is meant to chase us!  And then he spoke of that quote above.

So what the heck does that mean? I wrestled with that hard for a long time.

What does it mean to surrender and trust and STILL be responsible for the results we achieve in life?

Well, I had an experience this last week that made some of this more clear for me.  For many years I’ve been supported and surrounded by brilliant people who graciously share great advice.  Several years ago, I had the epiphany that maybe surrender means being coachable!! Taking a shot at trying out an idea with the trust that if it doesn’t work out – it’s still worth the shot – and if we act from our authentic heart – it is very likely to go well!

Victor also talked about TUG.  Your True Ultimate Guide.  That inner knowing.

So the equation seems to be: Authentic + TUG + Trust = Abundance

And so this last week I tried it.  I was encouraged by my coach and team to share some of my ideas for business abundance with a specific narrowly defined niche!  I resisted that for a long time because it’s not a niche specific system!

Finally, I took that advice and I’ve gotten incredible results in just 7 hours! Hundreds of specialists are excited about what I am sharing with them because I am speaking with authentic heart to their specific needs!  Not all of them are looking for this system (it takes trust to be OK with that). But some are.  It took trusting the TUG to choose the niche.  And it takes surrender to be coachable.

The abundance is now chasing me.

Are you coachable?

What light are you shining? Are you being authentic – and therefore giving permission to others to be truly authentic as well?

Are you able to give up the fears that prevent authentic being – and thus permission others to leave fear behind too?

I’d love to hear your feedback!


To you!




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