Executive Coaching

Powerful coaching is two people working together on a single vision.

Executive Coaching

Powerful coaching is two people working together on a single life.

You are already committed to excellence ...

Yet, you want more. So what does it take for you to realize your vision?

Leaders are always on their own edge of growing….we have to be. Each new challenge and position tests our presence, our energy and our skills in communication and influence. Together we help you meet those challenges with grace, speed and fewer broken bones.

What got you here .....
              may not get you there.

Marshall Goldsmith’s famous book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, suggests that for leaders it’s the people skills that are the make-or-break factor in leadership effectiveness. While that is true for many leaders, it’s important to clarify: some leaders are top heavy in people focus and emotional intelligence, yet they underperform in high stakes conversations, time and energy management, and the effective timely completion of projects.  Others swing the opposite way, heavy in driving results, direct communication and accountability – all the while leaving destruction in their wake. Ok, it may not be quite that bad, but you get it….

Since it is critical for your career and your company’s success to develop across the full range of leadership skills, we partner with you to do just that: communicate powerfully, collaborate and execute powerfully, while maintaining your personal sense of balance and fulfillment. This empowers you to build teams and companies characterized by trust, respect, and inclusiveness.

Our work together is customized – focusing on what you need most. Some examples include:

Strategic Vision and Innovation

Clarity on Your Zone of Genius and How to Use It

Enhancing Creative Leadership

Confidence, Communication and Influence

Empowering Women Leaders

Energy, Mojo, Balance
Succession and Legacy

Your Re-Emergence Program. Six Steps To Your Next Step.

*This is a limited scope program to support you in creatively navigating the new realities of 2021 and beyond.

FLC Leadership
Dr. Lisa Hale

Lisa brings years of experience to serve the most committed leaders and executives of today.

“My passion is to liberate the greatness in my clients; to help them live a life by design, from their own unique genius, and with the peace and fulfillment (and joy) of a life well-lived.

I am gratified to see the clients I work with realize dramatic and lasting improvement in their lives, relationships, their organizations and in the impact of their leadership.”

Accomplish what you most want in life. Unleash and leverage your unique genius, and design your true legacy. Achieve while keeping a healthy focus on wellbeing, personal relationships, and fulfillment.

Executive Coaching With Lisa

Lisa coaches successful, motivated leaders like you to become more successful in your current role, transition into a new role, and lead successfully in quickly changing, and unexpected  environments. 

When our FLC clients thrive we celebrate. Some examples :

Each client brings their own unique constellation of strengths, developmental opportunities, and circumstances. Our coaches, lead by Dr. Lisa Hale, meet each client with curiosity and experience. After we explore what is most important to address, we evolve the perfect custom approach that meets your needs, vision, and responsibilities. We help you look beyond what you have already achieved to realize your unique excellence and your best self.

*Most senior leaders are coached directly by Dr. Lisa Hale. However, FLC also partners with a cadre of exceptional coaches to support larger projects.

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