In the Zone = Being in Hot Pursuit of Excellence!

The phrase “In the Zone” – comes from sports – and it means being on fire in life for something worthwhile.

Have you ever known people who are parked on the side of the road of life?  People who are content with treading water? People who have said (perhaps unconsciously) to themselves that their dreams are really not so very important

What about people who are always stretching? Always living on purpose?

What do you suppose the difference is?

I heard someone say that the difference is this: The parked sleepwalkers have a companion in their complacency – and that companion is called Blame.  They justify their lack of activity by blaming others.  This is sometimes called being a victim.

That must mean that the folks living In the Zone are firmly responsible for their results – and for using their gifts for good.

So – what does it take to wake up?

I had a conversation with a group of friends at a social gathering just last weekend about a man and a woman – both in their 40s – both with children from past relationships. This couple had recently fallen in love – and fallen hard.  Their friends were making fun of them actually because these two people were both acting like teenagers.  But falling in love had woken them both up!  The sleepwalking was over.

One of them went back to school to advance her career. The other started working out regularly with a meetup group. Their friends woke up too in their own way.

What would it take to wake up if you are already in love? Maybe it’s as simple as taking on a new challenge?

Here is a short list of possibilities:

  • Learn to play an instrument
  • learn to play a new set of songs on an instrument
  • do a big art project
  • rearrange the furniture in your house
  • take on a new challenge
  • Get a coach to help you with that challenge and hold you accountable and help you stretch!
  • Expand your business
  • do a strategic planning workshop
  • go to 5 new restaurants next month
  • travel to a foreign country
  • tackle a new trail/mountain/sport

What would you add?


To your continued amazingness!




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