Bringing Leadership Home:  

Keeping Your Cool (and your Heart) When the Stakes Are High

How do we truly change our reactive behavior when the chips are down, and the pressure is on? It’s not easy to do through brute force – or sheer will. In fact, in observing senior leaders who have made meaningful change stick, what they have done is the work to understand their own patterns and lead themselves. Dr. Hale speaks on what the three pillars of that personal work are so that leaders and teams may “Bring Leadership Home” and take true Deep Ownership.

How do leaders navigate change? When leaders and teams have an inspired mission, results way outstrip expectations. Yet, when dysfunction remains unchecked, their bigger purpose results are not realized! A leader’s most important responsibility is to unblock their team’s real performance potential.

Whether your team rocks, and you are looking to keep the magic growing; or your team is harboring toxic dynamics, and needs to be re-inspired, now could be the time to infuse new understanding.  Bringing Leadership Home is a model, training program and framework that creates real behavioral change – for the better. When leaders and their teams choose Deep Ownership, the results in well-being, profitability, and accomplishment are outstanding.

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Taking Deep Ownership: Bringing Leadership Home For Leaders

Leaders frequently ask me: How can I keep my cool when the pressure is on? How can I keep my team on track even when stressful situations (or people) claw at them?

Exceptional leaders produce astounding results even when the pressure is on. Their teams trust them, and they inspire confidence. And from confidence and trust, the full force of the discretionary energies of every team member work together to produce what you intend and then some! The Align Forum shows teams how be productive and work well together. Bringing Leadership Home shows leadership teams how to guide the process.

These programs show leaders how to transform behavior above the line and how to take deep ownership of their results. Every session includes real-life case studies from businesses, families, teams and relationships that have changed course by Bringing Leadership Home.

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Executives, Business Owners, and Leaders will apply the principles of Bringing Leadership Home specifically to:


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Dr. Hale presents case stories that are both emotional and funny. She uses vivid imagery in slides to illustrate her message. She often has audience members try out some of the concepts through active participation. They will show you how choosing Love, Truth, and Deep Ownership, create the profitable outcomes executives strive for.

About Lisa E. Hale, Ph.D.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Hale has coached, mentored and trained executive teams, business owners and entrepreneurs on five continents to blast ahead, and achieve their business and life goals faster, with greater satisfaction and confidence.

Dr. Lisa E. Hale

Dr. Lisa E. Hale

Great results show up for you when you use the three key performance strategies to implement The Art of Deep Ownership.

Lisa works with a limited number executive leaders and senior teams teams with a successful track record to achieve their most treasured vision. The leaders She works with are highly committed, and so is she. There is a financial commitment and commitment of invested time and energy. And collectively Lisa and you will commit to a 10X return. You will work to illuminate and apply the inherent genius you already possess. Look forward to being set free.

Lisa is committed to her own ongoing development in service to keeping you at your edge of growth. Lisa holds a Doctorate Northwestern University and both the MCC - Master Certified Coach (ICF-International Coach Federation), and the MCEC - Master Corporate Executive Coach (ACEC - Association of Corporate Executive Coaches).

Lisa is the 2017-2018 President of the Board at the International Coach Federation – Colorado Chapter. Our mission is to be the beacon of professional excellence in coaching.

Some of Lisa's recent clients are: Pattern Energy, First National Bank of Omaha, WEST Energy Technologies, Episcopal Health Foundation, Philanthropy Southwest, Association of Finance Professional, SAP, Source Gas, Florida Power and Light, Office of Personnel Management, Lovelace Hospitals, Sennheiser NM, Defined Fitness, Guerilla Group, Department of Energy, Albuquerque Health Partners, National Forest Service, US Air Force, Department of State and additional businesses throughout the world.

Lisa lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her three teen sons, who make her laugh every day.

Contact Dr. Hale about speaking, training and facilitation to improve communication, team results, executive presence, and profit using the “Bringing Leadership Home” approach here: CONTACT 


Missouri - Society for Human Resources Management - State Conference - The Art of Deep Ownership: Three Pillars of an Enviable Culture - Tar-Tan-A, MO August 2018.

Colorado - Society for Human Resources Management - State Conference - The Art of Fierce Ownership: Bringing Leadership Home For Leaders - Keytsone, CO September 2017.

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ATD - Cleveland - The Art of Fierce Ownership: Bringing Leadership Home For Leaders - Cleveland, OH September 2017.

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The Granite School District, - Leadership Insights Keynote for Student Government Leaders and Faculty - Five High Schools - Kearns High School October 2016.

The Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce, - The Non-Profit Roundtable; September 2016.

The Align Forum, - 10 sessions of leadership distinctions and peer group mentoring; group coaching. Ongoing September, October, November, December 2015; January - July 2016.

Biz To Biz - White Fish, MT
 (December 2015). Full Day Training on the 10 distinctions of exceptional leadership. Co-Facilitated with Todd Musselman, Timberline Leadership.

The Art of Deep Ownership: Bringing Leadership Home For Leaders 

ATD-NRC The Association of Talent Development, Northern Rockies Chapter (April 2016).

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Otterbox (November 2015)

Closing KeyNote at Quid Novi (November 2015)

Fort Collins Cycling Club (April 2015)

BWNFC  Business Women's Network Fort Collins (April 2015)

WDC  Women's Development Council (May 2015)

Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce (June 2015)

Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce (February 2015; and November 2014)

Rocky Mountain Innosphere (November 2013)

Sennheiser NM (January 2012, April 2012, September 2012): Off-Sites, Team Development, Lessons Learned

Defined Fitness (September 2011, March 2012, August 2012): Off-Sites, Team Development, Lessons Learned

The Albuquerque Incubator Group (85 Dates during 2011, 2012, and 2013): A group of Financial Planners, Business Development Experts, Business Owners, and Executives. Spoke and Facilitated topics on personal, business and financial development.

Board of Regional Directors, WESST (Women’s Economic Self-Sufficiency Team)– Albuquerque, NM August 2012. Distinguishing among personality types and communication styles. How to effectively communicate with your clients. Presented to the board of regional directors.

Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce – Albuquerque, NM 
August 2012. Workshop: Optimal performance: Achieving more with less stress and better results
 November 2012. Workshop: Distinguishing Among Personality Types and Communication Styles: How to Effectively Communicate with your clients. February 2013. Workshop: Growing your business with generosity and contribution May 2013. Using your Strengths and Core Values to guide your next strategic plan July 2013. Increase business revenue now – through strategic education of your clients/customers

Technology Ventures Corporation – Albuquerque, NM

February 2013. Marketing and Sales in your new business – what’s first?

“Measuring the Intangible: The Nature and Value of Executive Coaching in Business Growth” Albuquerque Business Builders, May 2012, August 2012, November 2012, February 2013, March 2013, May 2013, July 2013

“The Chicken and the Egg: Team and Strategic Vision” Biometics: March 2009, October 2009, February 2010

“Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship – How to leverage these in your business” Biometics: June 2012, April 2012, February 2012

“What leadership truly is – and how to develop it” Biometics: March 2012, November 2011, May 2011, December 2010

“1-2-3 Attract: The open hand approach to attracting customers without slimy sales techniques” Biometics business owners: delivered monthly during2007, 2008 and 2009

“Everything is Marketing and Marketing is Everything” 
Biometics business owners: delivered monthly during 2008, 2009 and 2010

“Purpose and Passion – Happiness and Extraordinary Contribution” Teleseminar. November 2010, January 2011, March 2011

Santa Fe Quilts – Santa Fe, NM January 2005 – August 2006 Instructor: Creativity & Innovation

“The redirection of nuclear weapons science in rollback states” Presented to Department of State and Nuclear Nonproliferation Security Administration. 2002.

“Strategic Planning under duress and stress” Presented to joint team of nonproliferation science specialists at Sandia National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory. 2001.

College of Santa Fe – Santa Fe, NM
 September 1996 – August 1997 
Faculty: Comparative Politics; Nonproliferation Studies – Within this curriculum, facilitated a series of guest expert speaker series from within the Los Alamos National Laboratory community.

Northwestern University – Evanston, IL
 September 1991 – August 1994. Law & Politics
 Comparative Politics

Political Inquiry 
International Studies 

International Political Economy
 East European/Soviet Politics

With Martin Palouš, Visiting Professor (Founding Member Charter 77) 
Comparative Central-East European Politics