Team Development

We lead by creating
a shared commitment
and a shared passion

Team Development

We lead by creating
a shared commitment
and a shared passion

Cohesive Teams are rare 

 – And – 

They are your 

Competitive Advantage. 

When something is broken, you know it … and you know it needs to be better – Fast.

Too many leaders settle for an acceptable level of dysfunction and assume they have to live with it. That’s not true. FLC can help identify and fix what’s not working. We help you bring your team:

Trust - Communication - Collaboration

Where there is persistent friction-there is a leader tolerating the team’s obstacles to success. Ouch! Right? But don’t fret, that’s good news. That means there is a solution in sight!

Teams with high-quality communication get high-quality results … In those teams, challenges, friction, and conflicts are simply opportunities to improve their dynamics – welcome bumps in the road to navigate, not obstacles. Together we will improve your team’s dynamics by taking a fresh, even radical look at your team, your organization, and you. Through change-empowering respect for your strengths, perspectives, and goals, and our profound commitment to your lasting growth, your team will achieve and thrive.


5-Point Team Dynamics Reset

*This is a limited scope program to support your team’s fitness for the new realities of 2022 and beyond.

Team Development is right if:

How we’ll work with your Team

Each team development scenario and organization has unique needs. Therefore, our first step together is to explore: 

Most significantly, we will identify the strengths AND weaknesses in your foundation. What is at the root of the gap between what your current dynamics are – and what you need in your the team to grow they way you and your investors want you to?  It’s most likely not what you think….. 

We’ll look at:

With evidence-based, and experience-backed approaches that get results, we will design an actionable approach that creates meaningful and lasting change; meeting your needs.

The program we create for you may include individual coaching, team coaching, leadership development for all your leaders, or a single workshop; for a small team or many layers of leadership.

Each FLC Team Development scenario is customized to suit your needs.

Development Program Ingredients:

We apply the right tool for the job – crafted explicitly for powerful team development. Your team will benefit from the elements that best meet your needs.

Some elements we may deploy:

Client Achievements :

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