HELP? I need to get more stuff done #Productivity!

Have you ever said this? Do you feel you’re drowning in tasks but not getting the most important things done? You may need to prioritize so that your productivity factor increases.

“I’m so ticked off! I never seem to have time to get this thing off the ground.”

My long time client said this to me just yesterday. Her frustration sounded something like this: ‘I am constantly overwhelmed and putting my time and energy into keeping a broken system going. I know I need to fix the system. But I never seem to get out from under the overwhelm enough to work on fixing the system! I’m so frustrated!’

Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever had the situation of knowing that [your idea] is brilliant (this book, this menu, this innovation in existing technology, this team project, the new systems), and you’ve explored it, gotten feedback, you’re excited. Now you and your team have to execute. But, you’re not sure how to get off the hamster wheel of putting out fires and chasing the urgent in the moment. Check your productivity score here QUIZ.

Asking for Help – to Boost Productivity

Perhaps it’s time to ask for help?


Have you asked for help? Asked for someone to take over doing something you normally do – so that you have time and energy to do the things that will REALLY move the dial in your project – REALLY accelerate your business growth?

Ask for help in areas you might not have considered asking before!

What are some places you might ask for help that will give you unexpected time and resources?

  1. think of what you are great at and…..
  2. what you are not so great at (or simply hate to do)
  3. how about asking your team to help you figure out to reallocate people, energy, time? (that’s a game changer)

Do more of 1. and ask for help with 2. And Do #3 whenever anyone on your team is stretched too thin!

First Prioritize

First – take stock, careful stock, of what you and your people really are spending your time and energy on in a typical day, week or month.  Really look at it. Keep a log. You’ll be surprised at how much time and energy you have available to finally execute that big idea that will not just move you forward a little – but catapult you into exceptional results. And Prioritize based on the strategic vision, your goals and your values.

One of the key things exceptional leaders do is allocate the time and energy to the RIGHT things.

Exceptional leadership is the key to getting exceptional results.

And have a great day!

ready, set, execute!

To your continued amazingness……


PS: Take our productivity quiz now to see where you need to focus your attention today.


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