I had a tough choice to make last Friday. Finally I did, and Red Rocks won out. I listened to my ‘inner knower’ and, as usual, it did not let me down.

I am writing from a state of awe, humility and gratitude for all of what I witnessed that day at the ICF Leadership Conference.

Before I share all that though, I need to tell you I got to sing! Yes, that’s right! I sang at Red Rocks. Thank you Todd Musselman for that inspiring opportunity. I have always wanted to do something like that – and in spite of crazy jitters, I did it.

Has there ever been something you always wanted to do? But somehow, you – well, you just never have? Singing is that thing for me. I sing all the time – but with a mic? In front of other people? Whew!

What have you always wanted to do? What has held you back? Was it fear? Was it some story about your priorities? Or something about how you aren’t enough of something? Have you had some scarcity story like, I don’t have enough time? I’m not ‘allowed’ to focus on those kinds of ‘fun’ things? Have you imagined that you are under the gun to achieve, and there will be time for fun later?

Hmmmm…… Well. Ok. If you want it that way.

Or, if you don’t. If you are open to a different possibility:

What if, doing what you have always wanted to do, actually gets you there faster? What if taking on those dream-list challenges chips off another layer of that invisible shell that has held you back from being the exceptional leader you were meant to be in your life?

That’s a lot to swallow.

What if, pushing yourself to do something from your dream-list, something new, forces you to expand a part of yourself? And what if, that part, is exactly what you need to connect with, in order to be who you are truly meant to be?

I learned a lot a Red Rocks on Friday. I heard from an incredible man from Chile, Julio Olalla, who radiates such genuine love and purpose that he makes everyone around him laugh – and strive – with joy.

I watched two women, one young, and one older, show their brilliance and wisdom in their willingness to be themselves authentically.

I spoke with person after person who is stretching himself, and herself, to contribute more abundantly in the world.

Finally, I learned from Stephen McGhee who leads others on a journey to stretch beyond the mundane of their lives. He led a group on a journey to climb Acongagua – a 22,837 ft peak in South American. He shared that journey of fitness preparation, mental and emotional growth. And, finally, he shared their three week journey up the mountain. That climb was truly an exploration within, of personal growth, and leadership development. Each of these men stretched themselves to become more of who they are meant to be. Each of them was transformed.

It was a dramatic for them, and life-changing.

Yet, I realized something this weekend as I took it all in, back home with my boys. My own experience of singing with Todd at Red Rocks was transforming too.

Just doing something new that is meaningful to you can also stretch you to grow.

Go after the big mountain journeys in your life – absolutely! But also, remember, that exceptional leadership and success are a daily practice. The little adventures matter.

To your continued amazingness,




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