Did you know that there are 5 keys to Peak Performance? This means opting out of overwhelm – and achieving your BIG DREAM in life…..

1. Begin with the End in Mind: Know your purpose – why do you get up each morning? What are you trying to achieve and why is that important to you? What are you doing here (on this planet)?

2. Download the overwhelm – on to paper or a journal – and De-Clutter (eliminate the unnecessary mess in your mind AND in your space). What this really means is break down your BIG challenge into tiny bite-sized chunks. Each day find two things that if you don’t do them today, the consequences will really be bad – hurt a lot – and DO THEM NOW! AND find two things that if you do them today, the rewards will be huge and DO THEM NEXT! (for business owners that could be – make two follow up calls – and do two high payoff prospecting actions (marketing, ad-placement, network with two new people)

3. Reward yourself for your accomplishment – a simple, little thing – it could be attend a Zumba class, have a glass of wine, go for a walk, watch a baseball game, light a wonderful smelling candle – and celebrate with a list of 5 things you are grateful for and feel good about today! AND, I recommend do at least 20 minutes of something recharging for yourself – dance, play music, draw, create, garden…..

4. Plan your work professionally and at home in such a way that you do truly what is YOURS to do – and delegate, get help – on all of the rest. If you are a parent with children over the age of 5 or 6 – begin soliciting help from the children on household chores. At work – really define clearly what your responsibilities truly must be – and consider what and to whom you can delegate other activities – in such a way that matches with the strengths and skills of your existing or potential staff/and or/partners

5. Visualize your home, finances, work, relationships and spiritual existence the way that you truly would like them to be. This takes presence of mind and some internal discipline. Do each area of life separately – draw a picture or write a page of journaling – or both. Once the picture is vivid, in feel, sounds, texture, air, emotions and even taste – give yourself the gift of vividly imagining being in that desired life at least two times per day for at least 2 minutes at a time.

ENJOY the relief!



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“ Lisa Hale’s approach to coaching is authentic, grounded & wonderfully heart-centered, without any New Age fluff. At the same time it is clear, focused, and strategic.

It’s no surprise to me that she is able to quickly accelerate the revenue growth for the high caliber entrepreneurs that are her clients.”

Lorna Li, CEO Changemaker
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