What is it that makes us melt at the sight of puppies and babies?


What is it about them that makes us warriors of protection, and shameless coo-ers?

Is it only that they are helpless and vulnerable?

I don’t think so.

Consider this: worms are helpless too. And so are slugs. They are excruciatingly vulnerable. Yet, they do not inspire such raw humanity and joy in us – at least, not in most of us 🙂

So what is it?

Well to be sure, it is that they are so unselfconsciously raw! They – babies, and puppies (yes, kittens too) – they are all utterly, extremely raw. And, we love that!

Because it is so real. We FEEL so much love with them.

A baby makes all the facial contortions of physical struggle when passing gas, and we laugh with delight.

That baby is outrageously powerful. That little tyke has won us all over.

It has been said often, around my office that, to get what you really want in life, you must be willing to courageously, boldly be who you really and truly are. That takes courage, raw, vulnerable honesty, and outrageous power.

If, the CEO or Owner of a company were to make the same distorted expressions – we would not laugh. For it would not be authentic for that grown man or woman to be unable to manage a basic function with so little aplomb.

However, if that same leader were to say, “Today, my first grandchild was born. I am overcome with joy. I wonder if, before we discuss today’s strategy, we might all take a moment to remember what is most important to us each – and why we do what we do – and then share that”….. And, if a tear or two leaked, well that moment of extreme raw ‘real-ness,’ then contributes to that person’s outrageous power.

When we practice purposeful, raw, outrageous honesty – well, I think that is leadership.

And only with the clarity of the raw and outrageous do we keep our wheels on track.


Where are your internal forces at war with each other? How is that showing up in your external reality?

What would become available to you if you were able to be clear; be raw and powerful; remain on track?


To your continued amazingness,





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