Peak Performance — 5 TIPS

March 28, 2013 / Inspiration, Leadership / 0 Comments

peaceful dailyDid you know that there are 5 keys to Peak Performance? This means opting out of overwhelm – and achieving your BIG DREAM in life…..

1. Begin with the End in Mind: Know your purpose – why do you get up each morning? What are you trying to achieve and why is that important to you? What are you doing here (on this planet)?

2. Download the overwhelm – on to paper or a journal – and De-Clutter (eliminate the unnecessary mess in your mind AND in your space). What this really means is break down your BIG challenge into tiny bite-sized chunks. Each day find two things that if you don’t do them today, the consequences will really be bad – hurt a lot – and DO THEM NOW! AND find two things that if you do them today, the rewards will be huge and DO THEM NEXT! (for business owners that could be – make two follow up calls – and do two high payoff prospecting actions (marketing, ad-placement, network with two new people)

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CONFIDENCE – What is it really?

1. Why is self-confidence important for a small business owner?

As a small business owner you are the face of your company. Exuding confidence whether you have it or not, is essential to your success. So – what’s the secret to exuding confidence no matter what? Read to the end – and find out! In the meantime, read on to learn what the indicators of confidence are….

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November 5, 2012 / Leadership / 1 Comment

Less is More

In the world of exceptional consulting less is more. Effective outside consulting, when done right, is a high-impact process that gets great results in short meetings that are efficient for clients.  And, it can be delivered in the form of a consulting project, training, or executive coaching
Here are 4 ways that less is more:

1. Lengthy proposals submitted before you have closed an engagement give an air of desperation! Worse, such cart before the horse behavior demonstrates a lack of sensitivity to where the client is in the process.  A 2 page proposal-contract is sufficient to clearly outline the basics of the problem you are going to solve for your client.  Only send it to a client when you have agreed on terms and scope. The contract lays out those already agreed upon terms to solidify the agreement. Some consultants send along lengthy proposals in order to side step the tough up front questions that are more effectively asked and answered face to face.  Don’t be a chicken!  Ask the tough questions up front.

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Practical tips for Leading with Emotional Intelligence

October 16, 2012 / Leadership / 0 Comments

Good morning everyone!  I have been having a great time meeting with my executive coaching clients this month.  The topic of the month is using emotional intelligence in leadership!  Leaders with high IQ do well; leaders with high EQ do way better and those with high Positivity along with the other two are the stars.  So, accordingly, my clients have asked for exercises to use “in the field of life” and here is one I adapted from Relly Nadler’s book, leading with emotional intelligence.  It goes like this:

1.   In any situation where you find yourself getting triggered ask yourself:

  • what am I thinking? “what is ____ thinking? I told ____ to .….”
  • what am I feeling? “I am so frustrated with ____ for not doing what they are supposed to”
  • what do I want? “I want ____ to do what I said!”
  • how am I getting in my own way?
  • what do I need to do differently?

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Work Less — Produce More

So, we hear this all the time.  Don’t work harder, work smarter….  Well that sure sounds good.  Doesn’t it?

How do we do it?

There is a concept I’ve worked with over the years and hear more about just recently called manage your energy.  There was even an article in The Harvard Business Review (October 2007, Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy) about this.

To summarize, Leaders are being required to produce ever higher levels of performance (PEAK PERFORMANCE).  The old standard, to work harder and longer inevitably fails though – as individuals drain their own personal batteries dry and have an underdeveloped habit of recharge and self-mastery.  We end up with sick, disengaged and burned out teams and those who are in this state are not leading their staff anywhere good.

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