Strategies to Break Through Your Stuck Income Thresholds”


Dr. Lisa E. Hale is the entrepreneur’s champion of true greatness. She believes we achieve our best results in business and in life when we get very real about who we are, why we do what we do, and what we really want. From that clarity, the game is then Real results that matter, with purpose.

Lisa has coached, mentored and trained executive teams, business owners and entrepreneurs on five continents for over 20 years to blast ahead, and achieve their business and life goals faster, with true joy and confidence.

A seasoned mentor of high-performance entrepreneurs and executive teams, Lisa will share with us:

  • Why incredible leaders still have such a hard time identifying their own obstacles?
  • The one thing that many of the most highly successful people have in common.
  • The worst fool’s mission you can pursue, when you want to achieve big goals quickly – and how to avoid it.
  • The 1st thing entrepreneurs need to do in order to get solid income flowing.
  • The 2nd thing entrepreneurs need to do to grow their business to new levels.
  • The 3 most powerful things entrepreneurs need to clarify in order to set the stage for authentic success.
  • The most common revenue limitations entrepreneurs struggle with, and how to break through them.

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Here's what my clients say

“ Lisa Hale’s approach to coaching is authentic, grounded & wonderfully heart-centered, without any New Age fluff. At the same time it is clear, focused, and strategic.

It’s no surprise to me that she is able to quickly accelerate the revenue growth for the high caliber entrepreneurs that are her clients.”

Lorna Li, CEO Changemaker
Digital, San Francisco