Top-down, command and control doesn’t work any more. What works is finding ways to truly lead – so that your team is inspired, and brings their creativity and energy to bear on high level goals. A team that trusts and is fully on board with the mission will engage in continuous improvement; positive behaviors and will give their all.

To make a culture like that stick, training and workshops must bring transformation – not only information. When the plan is sound, the talent is there and results are still not showing up, the culprit is nearly always in the implementation. To get results – every player must take Deep Ownership.

Does your team take deep ownership? Do you?

Bringing Leadership Home shows your team how to do just that. You see, years ago I too believed that performance and productivity were matters of more efficient time and resource management; and, that business success was a matter of sufficient capitalization and planning. I was completely wrong!  Performance, productivity and profit all flow from trust. To create a culture of trust, collaboration and results requires you to have genuine leadership presence. The Bringing Leadership Home and The Align Forum programs bring the gift of transformation to your leaders and teams.

Bringing Leadership Home shows leaders how to choose love over fear, truth over hiding, and deep ownership over blame in their interactions with staff, at home with their families, and even when talking to themselves in the mirror (or car, or while running…..)! The Align Forum shows leaders and teams how to apply those choices to crafting effective agreements, using their time effectively, setting clear goals, serving (rather than pleasing), and in the ultimate power tool: Communication. To make these choices consistently is to have true leadership presence. To make these choices consistently is to be a person others trust.

Try it.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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“ Lisa Hale’s approach to coaching is authentic, grounded & wonderfully heart-centered, without any New Age fluff. At the same time it is clear, focused, and strategic.

It’s no surprise to me that she is able to quickly accelerate the revenue growth for the high caliber entrepreneurs that are her clients.”

Lorna Li, CEO Changemaker
Digital, San Francisco