When You Feel You’ve Achieved Everything…

What’s Next?

Let’s define your awesome and discover your most exciting vision together

What’s in the way of your next journey?

Let’s have a conversation to discover together.

When you operate from a place of clarity and passion you empower success in your company, your family, and other aspects of your life.

In our work together you will:

Gain clarity when competing interests are vying for your focus.

Overcome the trauma caused by the rigorous path it took to get you to where you are now.

Create a strategic vision of happiness for what comes next in your life.

Using customized journeys specifically for high-achievers and leaders with astounding success.

Dr. Lisa Hale

You’ll work directly with FLC leader Dr. Lisa Hale who brings over three decades of experience serving the most committed leaders of today.

“My passion is to unleash the bright light of greatness in my clients; to help them live a life by design, from their own unique genius, and with the peace and contentment of a life well-lived. The leaders I work with see dramatic and lasting improvement in their lives, relationships, their organizations and in the impact of their leadership.”

Breakthrough to achieve what you most want to achieve in life. Unleash and leverage your unique genius, to reach further than you ever have before.

How Customized Journeys Work:

Customized journey’s is all about evolving tailored approaches specific to your needs, and vision. To look beyond textbooks to realize your unique excellence, specifically for those who feel like they’ve reached their fullest potential. To discover your next steps.

And it all starts with a conversation – by phone, Zoom, or in person. We’ll talk about your problems, goals, and what working together will look like specifically for you.

It can include targeted work on:

Leadership presence

Clarity and confidence

Vision and strategy

Communication and leadership effectiveness

Integrity, authenticity, and alignment

It can also include:

Relationships with boards, peers, and reports

Public speaking and presentation

Transition and advancement

Building capacity for expanding your roles

Public speaking and presentation

I often integrate assessment tools of many types. We may also choose to include interviews of key partners and colleagues, observations of meetings, working with your teams, and crafting culture change that aligns with your vision and mission.

Ultimately it is about mastering flourishing in your work and your life.