Good Boss-Bad Boss The 9 keys

August 28, 2013 / Inspiration, Leadership / 1 Comment

Angie said, “the worst boss I ever had was an ego-centric, know it all who constantly criticized and never did a constructive thing….”  Her partner in the exercise said, “really Angie? Was it really that bad? ALL the time?”  Angie thought about it for a moment and said, “probably not, but we were all so upset about the havoc she wreaked on us and our projects, that the damage she did seemed way more than it was. In the end it amounted to the same thing – even little obstacles when they come from the boss can seem monumental.”

Have you ever had a really terrible boss? One who was a bully? or who only cared about himself or her own career? Ever had a boss who was a coward or simply lazy?  How about that boss that tells you how to do your job when really you have it handled just fine?

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