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Lisa Hale’s approach to coaching is authentic, grounded & wonderfully heart-centered, without any New Age fluff. At the same time it is clear, focused, and strategic. It’s no surprise to me that she is able to quickly accelerate the revenue growth for the high caliber entrepreneurs that are her clients.

– Lorna Li, CEO Changemaker Digital, San Francisco



How FLC Can Help

Getting straight to the point, top leaders seek coaching for three reasons: 1. To facilitate leadership advancement, team and company growth or transitions, 2. To accelerate the achievement of an already clear goal (corporate or personal), 3. To gain clarity when competing interests are vying for your focus.

To explore how this may apply in your organization or life, email me to schedule a short conversation. 

Together we will illuminate your vision with clarity and focus so that you may create the results in your business and life that you want most. The key to an authentically abundant and satisfying life is alignment. Alignment underpins exceptional results; whatever results matter most to you.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

-- Joseph Campbell 

My commitment is to get you: Results that Matter. With Purpose.

Exceptional Leaders not only have vision, but see that vision through to reality.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality  

-- Warren Bennis

The first step to making change is to answer the question: How am I doing now? In other words:

  • How do you occur to others?
  • What is the result of your communications with others?
  • What is the state of your own well-being (all arenas)?

People we've worked with

Top  Leaders typically say things like: "We've got a vision, a new direction. We've communicated it over and over. But still, they don't change their behavior. How do I get everyone on board?"

Our worldwide operation is very successful. Still there is more we want to achieve. Working with Dr. Hale, we got our leadership teams, and our company's culture, in alignment with our vision. Our growth rate has doubled! - Joe F. SNM, Albuquerque

And, from a leader within a large organization:

After collaborating with Dr. Hale, my team has become tight and aligned to a clear and shared purpose while my own commitment as a leader has grown rock solid. We are like a well-oiled machine and so when reductions in force and hours swept through our division, our team was spared most of that heartache! -- Alan. W., Albuquerque

I've heard more times than I can count: "I've got a vision but I can't seem to clear the time or get focused enough to get that vision to reality!" 

In working with Lisa I’ve gained an unfiltered look at what stops me from reaching my full potential in business as well as clarity about what I really want. Lisa has a unique, no-nonsense way of looking at the truth and transforming what isn’t working for lasting results. -- Carol Akright, CFP™, RLP Funding Your Dreams, LLC

If you'd like to read more from recent clients, click here! 

Making Change Stick in Organizations:

Top  Top-down, command and control doesn't work any more. What works is finding ways to truly lead - so that your team is inspired, and brings their creativity and energy to bear on high level goals. A team that trusts and is fully on board with the mission will engage in continuous improvement; positive behaviors and will give their all.

To make a culture like that stick, training and workshops must bring transformation - not only information. When the plan is sound, the talent is there and results are still not showing up, the culprit is nearly always in the implementation. To get results - every player must take radical ownership.

Bringing Leadership Home shows your team how to do just that. You see, years ago I too believed that performance and productivity were matters of more efficient time and resource management; and, that business success was a matter of sufficient capitalization and planning. I was completely wrong!  Performance, productivity and profit all flow from trust. To create a culture of trust, collaboration and results requires you to have genuine leadership presence. The Bringing Leadership Home and The Align Forum programs bring the gift of transformation to your leaders and teams.

This is why Focused Leadership Consulting clients get truly exceptional, lasting results.

Leader Learning Programs

Sharpen the leadership of your organization with targeted workshops, and change-producing learning events that capture the imagination like:

  • Creating a Culture of Innovation 
  • Collaborative and Profitable Teams
  • The Mindset of Ownership
  • Communication for Work Teams: Agreements vs Expectations
  • Productivity, Fun and Engagement at work
  • The Secret Sauce of Leadership: Alignment
  • KEYNOTES for your Conference that deeply move your audience while teaching them the Bringing Leadership Home model

FLC collaborates with you to design leader-learning seminars, workshops, multi-day programs that work in your organization.

The first step is to design, with you, the best program to achieve that result. Click the Contact Lisa tab above to explore how this might work in your organization.