I’ve got a story for you, following on the idea of play as a strategy. Here it is….

Connecting with who you are

Connecting with who you are

Andrew called this morning from his office in St. Louis very agitated. During 20+ years in IT he had done stints at two Fortune 500 companies, Centene and Boeing. For the last few years he’s been thinking about leaving the corporate world and starting his own business. Last year, he finally took the big leap. He is now out on his own.

Like many people who change careers, his worry was that there would be a challenging money gap that would put his family under great stress. He also – perhaps most of all – worried that his grand vision would fail. That he would fail.

His panicked phone call was like this: “Lisa! I thought I would get this coaching certification, and that ICF credential, and then I’d be good to go. I’d circle back to my contacts at Centene and Boeing and get on their list as a coach, and boom, I’d have clients. But I just heard from one of my buddies that they do that sort of thing internally now and for two weeks no one at HR will call me back. Is this certification going to even do anything for me?”

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