“ICarol Headshotn working with Lisa I’ve gained ​an unfiltered look at what stops me from reaching my full potential in business ​ as well as ​ clarity about what I really want.​ Lisa has a unique, no-nonsense way of looking at the truth and transforming what isn’t working for lasting results. Somehow, she brings all that with compassion and empowering accountability. She has held my feet to the fire, but handed me a glass of cool water (insights, resources and tools) at the same time.”

– Carol Akright, CFP™, RLP ​ ​ Funding Your Dreams, LLC

“After collaborating with Dr. Hale, my team has become tight and aligned to a clear and shared purpose while my own commitment as a leader has grown rock solid. We are like a well-oiled machine and so when reductions in force and hours swept through our division, our team was spared most of that heartache!”

– A. W., Albuquerque, NM

“In only a short time of working with Dr. Hale, I am already so impressed with her layered and meaningful understanding of personality types, team dynamics, communication practices, and leadership skills. From our first meeting, she was able to focus right away with incredible insights into my key challenge areas.  Dr. Hale is skillful at listening and reading a situation, and is able to ask powerful questions that reflect that information back, allowing me to better focus on where I can improve.  Her questions and insights really challenge me to see things in new and more meaningful ways, and are stretching me to expand beyond my normal mindset. Working with Dr. Hale is incredibly rewarding, and is helping me take on challenges with a renewed outlook. Working with Dr. Hale is providing me with ideas and approaches that I am applying directly in the workplace as part of a leadership development program within my office.”  ​

– J. Bachus Team Lead Albuquerque, NM.Bryan Cassady

“I have known Lisa for 30 years. She is one of the smartest, most driven people I know. If you are looking for someone able to make big things happen… Lisa would be a great place to start.”

– Bryan Cassady, Senior Executive Advisor at BeNovate.biz

“Working with Lisa is great!  She helps me to see the “big picture” and to understand myself better.  Lisa helps me understand both my strengths and weaknesses and how to better use those strengths, and work on my weaknesses so that I grow and become a better leader.  This leadership training and coaching with Lisa is a huge benefit for my agency.  It will provide skillful, competent, and strong leaders to represent the Forest Service.”

– Jessica Baca, United States Forest Service

“I am so excited about working with Dr. Lisa Hale. I have worked with many other consultants and never with the results and accessibility of Dr. Hale’s program”

– Denny Dingler, Audioprosthologist at Professional Hearing Centers

“During the 6 months I worked with Dr. Hale, I was awarded top CEO within our nationwide group of Hospitals!”

– D.J. CEO, Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital

“Lisa is a superb listener, who has the combined gifts of connection, engagement, and focus. This enables her to instantly get to heart of the matter. In a single strategy session Lisa helped me to uncover my purpose in life: ‘Helping others discover their gifts – so they can in turn gift the world'”

– Denis Roberts, Coach

Frances, Boggess

“Lisa is a professional who is entirely ENERGETIC and BRILLIANT She has a POWERFUL presence, but also a soft side you can trust! Her PASSION for her work and for her clients is clear in everything she does!”

– Frances Boggess, KW Realtor

Sherri Erickson

“Lisa’s executive coaching works! She helped me get results in a simple way that made sense and fit my communication style. She gets to the heart of the matter and that’s where results happen!”

– Sherri Erickson, Wellness Educator

“Lisa Hale is astonishingly smart and analytical. Beyond that, she is perceptive and rigorous. Her recommendations reflect her intelligence, perception and vigor, and meaningfully relate to her analysis. All the while, she recognizes individual circumstances and the needs of people she deals with, and allows these, too, to influence her reactions.”

– Joseph K. Daly Owner, Schuler-Daly

Thomas Russo Jr.  “Lisa is a very hard-working and competent individual who delivers results to all of her clients.

I would suggest to all of you that if you are looking for someone to bring out the best in you and your organization, then look no further than Dr. Hale!”

– Thomas Russo Jr, Republican Party Candidate at Bernards Township

“I have worked with Lisa for several years. She is incredibly helpful and insightful. She is trustworthy, operates with integrity, efficiency, has great strategic skills, and is a real team player. I totally recommend Lisa!”

– Laura Feuer, Senior Executive Marketing Director

Tom Hale, Ph.D.
“During my 22 years of experience with Lisa, I would say that the three words that best describe her are passion, integrity, and commitment. Throughout her career, she has always demonstrated integrity and unwavering commitment to what she believes. Having said all of the above, I think her most defining characteristic is her willingness to step up.”

– Tom Hale, Ph.D. Principal Engineer

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Lisa. She is a natural born leader and inspires her colleagues with provocative insights while she takes her own coaching to the next level.”

– Wanda Ropa, Personal Branding Strategist ~ creativity architect ™ ~ emotive strategist ™