“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

– Walter Bennis


Working with Lisa

What is it about extraordinary leaders that makes such a difference? 

You know who I'm talking about don't you? It's those people who light up a room! The ones who inspire loyalty, and who draw out the best from people around them. Have you ever been around someone like that? Are YOU someone like that? Lisa specializes as a CEO coach, to help you be that leader in your world.

See this short video on Deep Ownership:

You are someone who contributes to the success of every group or business you are part of. In your family, you are a source of guidance, love and inspiration - fun and intimacy (at least most of the time). In business you bring together inspired teams and, together you produce far richer profits. You impact the world around you noticeably. You live with purpose. You are a leader. 

To be your best self, you seek continuous expansion of your capacity. Great leaders know that they need a trusted advisor to give honest, clear and unbiased feedback and support. Dr. Lisa Hale has been providing this support professionally to senior leaders since 1995. Lisa works with leaders in all sectors to develop their individual authentic leadership presence and with senior teams to optimize their effectiveness. 

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Tools and Instruments

Dr. Hale uses a multi-faceted approach to developing leadership in individuals, teams and organizations. Each client co-creates with Dr. Hale a customized plan that suits their needs - for targeted results and lasting positive change.


In designing the plan for you we may use some of the following tools:




The Leadership Circle is an instrument developed and tested with extensive research. It measures leaders, teams, cultures, and the gaps in leadership effectiveness of all of the above. We use this instrument in a wide variety of creative ways with both individuals and organizations.






The Life Languages Assessment is an instrument used to identify the relative weighting in individuals of seven languages, divided into three categories of communication styles: Cognitive, Kinetic and Emotive. By understanding the basic filters and presumptions of each dominant language, and your own - we can develop capacity to communicate with a wide range of personalities and reach those we care most about connecting with.

Other Instruments we may use include:

Powerful women and men lead from Radical Ownership. 

They consistently choose:




and as a result they are able to choose


In making these core choices, extraordinary leaders find that they are able to:

1. Gain exquisite clarity in times of transition, growth or advancement.

2. Strategize the accelerated achievement of an already clear goal.

3. Live a life of purpose that includes both hard work and peace; productivity and fun.

All while powerfully moving themselves and people around them to their own greatness.

In working with clients to consistently lead from this choice of fiercely deep ownership, leaders bring their most authentic, and conscious presence to everything they do. Thus, they create the results that matter most to them. With extraordinary leadership you create:

Dr. Lisa Hale serves clients worldwide. She lives in Fort Collins, CO with her sons - and enjoys the great beauty of the Rocky Mountains.