Leadership Development

Leadership development marches hand in glove with personal development. Focused Leadership Consulting partners with you to operate from Deep Ownership both personally and as an organization. Through this work, we adventure into the world of creating what excites you most, no matter how hard that might look. We approach this process in two broad ways: 1. Develop the leader within you personally. 2. Grow the leadership capacity of your organization and team. The results we see are:



Assessing The Current State

To assess where you are Focused Leadership Consulting uses a number of tools. These tools assess the following:


Focused Leadership Consulting uses the following tools:

The Leadership Circle is an instrument developed and tested with extensive research. It measures leaders, teams, cultures, and the gaps in leadership effectiveness of all of the above. We use this instrument in a wide variety of creative ways with both individuals and organizations. Please take a look at the video below to see how the leadership circle tool will help up-level leadership in you and in your organization.




The Life Languages Assessment is an instrument used to identify the relative weighting in individuals of seven languages, divided into three categories of communication styles: Cognitive, Kinetic and Emotive. By understanding the basic filters and presumptions of each dominant language, and your own – we can develop capacity to communicate with a wide range of personalities and reach those we care most about connecting with.






Other Instruments we use: