Good Morning!

Years ago, I studied entrepreneurship and innovation with a man who himself had built big business from small enterprises, crashed and burned, and then rebuilt his business, life, family and health anew in a sustainable and powerful way. His name was Bob Allen. He was known for his no money down real estate strategies in the public eye.

He and I spent quite a bit of time together and what I knew him for was two things:

1. Being able to manage a huge number of “spinning plates” simultaneously, with grace

2. Having the humility and love to not only accept his rebellious, punked out, rather public daughter (they were quite mormon) – but to also encourage her and bring out the very heart of her talent through his loving leadership as a parentIng

In one very special week I was pleased to spend with him, he talked about putting the big rocks in first. That teaching has impacted me profoundly and helped me create every success I’ve had since.

This morning, my friend Taki in Australia sent me this video of Steven Covey (RIP) on the big rocks.

This should help set you up for designing your best year ever in 2014!

Wishing you an excellent day!


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