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Here’s a quick tip on how to accelerate the net velocity of achievement in your business and life:

[00:00] Hey There! Here’s a quick tip on how to accelerate the velocity of achievement in your Life.

[00:11] My name is Lisa Hale, and I am the Leadership Architect at Focused Leadership Consulting. I just got done a few minutes ago working with a small group of my elite private clients.

[00:22] And they asked me, what does it take to get what I want done in life? To get to my dreams faster?

[00:30] A few years back, a great Mentor of mine – Brian Klemmer, explained something to me…

[00:35] He said intention equals results. And, here’s how you can apply that in your life to get the results you want faster in life.

[00:44] When you have an intention [a goal] going this way, that is really clear and really strong, then the competing intentions that might be going this way, don’t slow you down too much.

[00:54] But if you have your main intention here, and your competing commitments right here; Then what happens is, your main intention is going this way, and your competing commitments are pushing back so hard that you make very slow progress in your life.

[1:10] So the key is to raise your intention, your main, real intentions. Raise your commitments really high, and take the competing forces in your life and reduce the volume on those, or reduce the force on those, so that your velocity of achievement now is more like that.

[1:28] If you’d like to have a conversation with me on how this could work in your life, give me a call.



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“ Lisa Hale’s approach to coaching is authentic, grounded & wonderfully heart-centered, without any New Age fluff. At the same time it is clear, focused, and strategic.

It’s no surprise to me that she is able to quickly accelerate the revenue growth for the high caliber entrepreneurs that are her clients.”

Lorna Li, CEO Changemaker
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