Your Inner Knower – how do you find that frequency?

January 4, 2015 / Leadership / 3 Comments

Happy New Year everyone! It’s the first Sunday of 2015. What is your intention for this new year?

This will help you check whether you are on track:

il_570xN.246623313Have you ever done something that turned out to be not such a great idea? And, when you were choosing to do it, did you notice that some part of you thought it was better not to?

How about that moment when you decided ‘YES’ to something – your gut just told you to – and it didn’t really make sense, but turned out to be the perfect thing to do?

For you Harry Potter fans, do you remember when Harry takes the Felix Felices potion so that he can get Professor Slughorn’s real memory? That potion tuned Harry in to his inner knower! And the conversation that won over Slughorn’s ‘right’ action was pure authentic honesty. Harry pleaded with Slughorn to help him so as to honor his mother’s sacrifice. And, though Slughorn was terrified for his shame to be revealed, he was inspired to do the right thing by Harry’s tuner 2vulnerability and honesty.

Such is the power of your inner knower! (Not to mention how powerful real authentic congruence is.)

But, how do we mere Muggles tune in to it without a magic potion?

I had a powerful coaching session with a woman just a day ago in which we tackled that very question!

A beautiful, powerful and successful woman of great talent and intelligence, Her own inner tuner was not dialed into her Knower. Instead, over and over again, she found herself second-guessing herself. She often did things that she didn’t want to do, that she resented spending her time on. Beautiful and brilliant as she is, she is faced with many opportunities every day – and struggled with knowing which ones to pursue. And, of course, she yearned to know what to say no to.

It became clear during our session that she did not know what the frequency of her own internal, knowing voice sounds like. That voice can so easily be lost in the noise of our thinking, our fears, and our programming!!

So what does that knowing voice sound like?

It turns out that distinguishing that voice is more about what it FEELS like.

Here’s a way to practice:

Think of a decision in front of you – and then imagine saying yes to it – does that feel heavy or light? Really give this your attention now – I don’t mean that light feeling of opting out of something you fear – the relief of avoidance – but that light feeling of clarity that makes you stand up a little straighter and lift your chin a little higher.

Now imagine saying no – does that feel light?

Which feels lighter?

Which feels heavier?

That light feeling is what your inner knower feels like.


Please, if you are inspired, share your experiences here!


To your continued raw power!




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  1. Arlene Arnold

    January 9, 2015
    / Reply

    A great reminder. Thanks

  2. Ellioth Mushayi

    January 10, 2015
    / Reply

    Excellent I love this discussion and look forward to more insights

  3. Jacquie Fedo

    January 16, 2015
    / Reply

    I AGREE! We all have that 'internal voice' that is the nudging I encourage each of us to pay attention to. I believe we are moving in the direction we are meant to go when it seems to FLOW. We we are bumping our head up against the wall or we have that pit in our stomach, it is our "inner knower" encourages us to move in a different direction!

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