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November 24, 2014 / Leadership / 1 Comment

Every single day in my inbox there are at least a half-dozen articles on leadership. Makes sense right? That’s my field! Leadership, Business Excellence and Performance. So, I see a lot of articles.

What bothers me about these articles is that they all list the qualities that are most important for a good leader or a great leader. By now we should have a handle on that right? But we don’t because we are asking the wrong question.

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Most of these articles deal with which of these ‘qualities’ is more key than the others. Is it transparency that’s more important? Or, is it control? Perhaps, it’s vision?

This debate is a palliative trying to help overwhelmed leaders by soothing their anxiety about what to focus on! But they miss the mark.

So, how can a leader know where to start? What if the answer is simple? What if the answer is that none of these qualities actually really make any difference at all – unless and until you are crystal clear and have congruence between your values, your vision, the culture you want to create in your company, and the technical details and purpose of your business? What if the roadmap to which qualities are key for you emerges naturally when you work on congruence first?

In other words, when your strategic vision is crystal clear, and when who you are is aligned everywhere you go, you will have a roadmap that guides you to what EXACTLY the next growth frontier is for you.

First step? Answer these questions: Do you show up confidently and powerfully everywhere in your life? Where are you shrinking back? Where do you puff up? How soon are you committed to stepping up to who you are capable of being, so your business and life can step into the greatness awaiting you?

To your continued amazingness!



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1 Comment

  1. Melody Taylor-Fliege

    December 18, 2014
    / Reply

    Congruence, that certainly makes sense; like getting all your ducks in a row. The questions certainly made me look inside myself and question; how much do I actually want what I'm going after in my life?

    Thanks Lisa, that is powerful!

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